motivator gallery


Motivator Gallery is an online collection of motivational/demotivational posters submitted by users like you.
Download the app to submit posters.
Check out the project page if you're a developer.


Updated 8/30/2012
Motivator Maker and Motivator Gallery are licensed under the MIT license.


Updated 8/30/2012
Motivator Maker and Motivator Gallery are public domain but to protect our users and authors there are certain rules in place. Users are not allowed to post any of the following content:

  • Indecent Exposure: Pornography, Child pornography, Indecent, or anything relating to lewd or lascivious acts.
  • Criminal Activity: Anything relating to crime such as intent to commit or encourage the audience to commit crimes of any kind.
  • Poor Taste: Disgusting or insensitive content.
  • Offensive: Anti-religious, racial slurs, offensive language, and anything that is prejudice.
  • Illegal Activity: Anything that's illegal within the United States of America or alludes to illegal activities.
  • Low Quality: Difficult to discern the image or looks blocky, pixelated. This also includes off topic content.
  • Pretty much anything else we don't like.
The moderators reserve the right to block abusive users and take down any content they consider to violate the terms of use.
The public has the power to request a take down of any poster via the Report Abuse link that is found on every poster page. These takedowns requests are reviewed by moderators.


Updated 8/30/2012
Motivator Maker and Motivator Gallery take a very conservative approach to protect your identity and privacy.
We don't collect personally identifiable information and we collect the least amount of information as possible.

usage habits

Google Analytics is used to track usage of the app across all users. This includes (but not limited to) phone orientation, picture source, parts of the app that is used, and how the app was opened. We do not collect or monitor any information such as the pictures themselves or any text entered in. You may opt out of this by going to the settings and uncheck the Analytics option.

uploading to web gallery

When you upload a photo to the web gallery, your device is given an identification tag (ID). This "ID" CANNOT be used to trace back to you and contains NO information about you or your device. This is solely used to prevent abuse. This "ID" is only provided if you decide to use the Upload functionality in the Motivator Maker app.
By uploading to the Motivator Gallery you automatically grant us access to the following information ONLY for the particular poster that was submitted:

  • Poster image
  • Tile (1st line)
  • Caption text (2nd line)
  • Frame color
  • Your "ID"
This information (with the exception of the "ID") is shown publicly and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you accidentally upload something you don't mean to upload. Click the report abuse link and email us about it immediately.